Frequently Asked Questions

During the day, campers will be able to embark on a creative journey at Achdut Adventure, where campers explore diverse STEM activities. From repurposing materials to crafting innovative art, each project tells a unique story. Campers delve into technology, dance, and light, creating memorable celebrations. Our sound studio complements this, fostering collaborative music experiences. Engaging in hands-on learning, campers explore drones both underwater and above ground, archaeology within a Jewish lens, and woodworking wonders. Traditional forging meets modern laser tech in a unique fusion.

In the realm of digital media, campers explore video creation, editing, animation, and 3D design. Game creation and coding open doors to the world of electronics and programming. Campers also explore extreme cold properties using liquid nitrogen. Robotics challenges them to design, build, and program robots. Unleashing creativity, campers dive into cosplay, podcasting, and various crafting techniques. Rocketry adventures take them to new heights, while electronics and computing offer a foundation for future exploration. Exciting DNA adventures and construction projects round off the immersive experience.

But it's not only STEM activities that we offer to our young Makers. We also plan to offer a gamut of outdoor activities that engage campers in movement, from sports to hiking to nature walks to fitness and even to help work the farm that we plan to grow on our premises.


Achdut Adventure's night activities offer diverse experiences, fostering creativity, teamwork, and bonding. Campers engage in bartering, self-expression, and challenges, creating memorable moments. Surprise calls from home, brain-teasing nights, and strategic tournaments add excitement. Various activities, from eco-crafting to stargazing, cater to diverse interests. The camp concludes each session with an exercise in true kindness and love, which also sits at the ethos of our camp and enhances the sense of unity that we want to carry on with our campers throughout the year. 

Achdut Adventure is intended to be the first ever STEM overnight camp nestled in the country within the the Northeast US. Our ideal location is witin 1 hour of New York City, preferably within New York State, but we may end up going to the NY Catskills or PA Poconos Mountains, still within a 2-3 hour commute of major airports. As a non-profit camp entity, we are still in the process of working with funders to help us realize our mission and to help us secure a location that is accessible to most attending an overnight summer camp. As this process is still underway, we do not have a committed location but we do have some ideas. 


Our initial goal is to likely use a rented location at another camp while we build up a significant critical mass of campers. At that point, our hope is to find our own home in the area where we can govern the future of the entire camp, and we welcome you to help shape that mission. As an inaugural participant, similar to a science experiment, we encourage you to share your feedback, helping us establish a strong foundation. This will enable us to offer your children an unforgettable summer and allow them to contribute feedback on facilities, helping build a camp environment aligned with their preferences. While our staff has a wealth of experience in the overnight camp space, as we grow, we are in a unique position to build the camp the way we want it. By being among our first families, you will be invited to help shape its future.

Our full intention is to be a halachically observant Jewish camp that instills Jewish values and offers daily minyanim. We intend to be strictly kosher (Glatt Kosher for meat), with an acceptable Orthodox on-site mashgiach.

Seated within the ethos of our camp is a focus on the holisitic child, nurturing them physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Beyond our standard staff of STEM experts who will be specially trained before camp begins, we will also have a team of mental health support experts on hand to cater to the varying needs of our campers. We understand that each camper is unique, distinct, and special. Our core team will be built to focus on those needs over the summer but also year-round so that we can ensure to serve each individual child's needs as best as we can.

Our camp leadership is being run by seasoned professionals who have a great deal of experience in navigating camps whith campers who have food allergies and special dietary needs. Our head chef works closely with the Health Center who collect details from parent intake forms. 


We offer gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options. Safe alternatives are available for peanuts and sesame, but these are offered and communicated to campers who may need to avoid these foods. Our chefs work to meet various dietary requirements, including lactose, gluten, soy, and nut-free diets, and are open to discussions regarding individual concerns.

Our name, Achdut (Unity), is attributed to our commitment to the appropriate Jewish application of diversity, equity, and inclusion, which sits at the heart of our camp ethos. We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive space where every camper, regardless of background, gender, or orientation, feels welcomed, respected, and valued.

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