The first ever Jewish Observant STEAM Overnight Camp for Makers

The first ever Jewish Observant STEAM Overnight Camp for Makers

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Be Who You Are, Make What You Want to Make

Achdut Adventure is a pioneering kosher and observant Jewish nonprofit overnight sleepaway camp in the bucolic Northeast US revolutionizing the camp experience through its core emphasis on Makers and STEM, or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Catering to youngsters aged 7-17, our camp provides an exhilarating journey of discovery, offering a unique blend of robotics, video game design, science, cosplay, 3D printing, and multimedia activities. At Achdut Adventure, we create a makerspace environment that fosters creativity and scientific inquiry, allowing campers to explore the fascinating world of engineering.

In addition to the diverse STEAM offerings, our camp ensures a well-rounded experience by incorporating various movement and outdoor activities. These not only promote physical health and teamwork but also encourage the practical application of STEAM concepts in a natural and active setting. Beyond the educational aspect, Achdut Adventure is committed to holistic growth, nurturing the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of each child while staying true to our Jewish values. The camp’s unique approach prepares older campers to become certified makers, equipping them to emerge as ecumenical Jewish leaders well-versed in a range of technologies.

Our camp is currently in the conceptual stages but is rapidly materializing. If you want more information about location, curriculum, and other details, please sign up via the link below and we will be in touch as our plans continue to unfold. 

We will be launching soon!

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